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Our geographical position is ideal to visit our hinterland.

Mombaroccio, situated nearby, with its medieval castle, its church and its cloister, where you can visit the collection of the tools of the farmers’ civilization and the showroom of the embroidery.
“The Hermitage of Blessed Sante“, situated in the thickness of the wood, destination of so many believers.

Mondavio, an imposing “Della Rovere” fortress, with its historical rievokation in the month of August of the hunting to the wild boar, and with its rich collection of the armies.

Fossombrone, a town rich in historical and artistic value thanks to the innumerable Churches and historical buildings, also ideal destination for a walk in the park in the Cesane or the Cappuccini.

Urbino, Raffaello’s native town, famous for its Ducal Palace and its universities.

Gradara, “La Rocca” with its square form, it is here that Paolo and Francesca remembered by Dante lived their tormented love story.

Loreto, believers’ destination, with its Maria’s House mooved from Nazareth.

Recanati, Giacomo Leopardi’s town, with its small square of “Il sabato del Villaggio” and “II colle dell’Infinito”.


– Festa della Befana, Urbania (PU)
February and March
Carnevale, Fano (PU)
– Il Palio della Rana, Fermignano (PU)
– Fano Yacht Festival, Fano (PU)
– Festa del mare, Pesaro
– Rievocazione Storica, Gradara (PU)
– Fano dei Cesari, Fano (PU)
– Mercatino del Feudatario, Montefelcino (PU)
– Caccia al Cinghiale, Mondavio (PU)
– Summer Jamboree, September (AN)
– Festa del brodetto, Fano (PU)
– Rossini Opera Festival, Pesaro
– Festa della Pera Angelica, Serrungarina (PU)
– Festa di Halloween, Corinaldo (AN)
– Fiera del Tartufo, Acqualagna (PU)
– Il Presepe, Serrungarina (PU)
Various Christmas markets

All round the year
– Il bosco dei Folletti, Urbania (PU)