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True emotions are the simplest

The Agriturismo is born from the devotion to the work of Mr. Piero that has been cultivated for over 50 years his farm and for that reason in the year 2007 he received the Certificate for Fidelity to the Work from the Chamber of Commerce of Pesaro and Urbino.

Not by chance, Delvecchio’s is one of the most ancient family of the town of Serrungarina.
It is known that since around 1660, this family had already existed and that lived and always worked in the same area.

“Al Mandorlo” extends on 18 hectares cultivated to cereals, forage, olive trees, vineyards, vegetables and orchards, with courtyards animals.

It is a farmstead developed on two floors, with 2 double rooms, 4 triple rooms and 2 quadruple rooms.
It is surrounded by gardens where you can play, read without being disturbed and admire a suggestive view on the farm and on the surrounding hills of the various regions.