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Special Ceremonies

Our Fantasy Buffet is really special to celebrate special moments for all ages!

Every guest can taste a good first course with pasta served at the table together with drinks, while the second course is to be chosen in the buffet.

It is possible to decorate the dining room with special decorations, balloons, etc…

Buffet Fantasia

Ravioli filled with bacon and cherry tomatoes
Ham with toasted bread
Bresaola with rocket and parmesan
Roast with carrots and cherry tomatoes
Artichokes in oil
Stuffed pizzas
Stuffed Ascolana Olives, onions and mixed fried
Hot toasted bread
Omelettes and polenta
Mixed vegetables cooked with sausage
Baked potatoes and gratin
Fresh or matured cheese
Ricotta cheese and fresh mozzarella cheese with jam
Mixed salt pastry
Desserts or cakes
Drinks and Sparkling wine
Coffee and Digestives

€ 20,00

For reservations: Mob