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It is a farmstead developed on two floors, with 2 double rooms, 4 triple rooms and 2 quadruple rooms.

It is surrounded by gardens where you can play, read without being disturbed and admire a suggestive view on the farm and on the surrounding hills of the various regions.

On the first floor the rooms are wide and comfortable, soberly furnished and also suitable to accomodate newlyweds.

On the ground floor the rooms have independent entries and they are more suitable to accomodate groups and families.

A stay in our agriturismo is ideal to spend a vacation away from the chaos of the city, but without renouncing to the green area of the playgarden, walking in our estate around the ìpoet’s cornerî, reaching the run of the trekking of the Metauro, going on for old farms and up again for the “Little Church of the Grave”.

At the last, but not the least, a good hand-made cooking prepared in the adjacent restaurant of our ownership, where you can taste oil of olive with bruschetta, jams with cheese, wines with meats and marinated olives with vegetables.

It is also possible to purchase all those products.